9 Types of Cover Letters

You Need for Your New Business Solicitation


1. Letter to Company President/CEO—in response to a lead

2. Letter to Purchasing Agent—in response to lead

3. Letter to Company CEP/President

—"cold call" * (prospecting letter)

4. Letter to Purchasing Agent—"cold call"

5. Networking Letter—using your networking lead to help land you a new business appointment

6. Referral Letter—using your referral's name in your letter

7. Follow-up Letter/Thank-you Letter to a President/CEO or referral

8. Broadcast Letter (without product/service sales sheet)

(Hidden market technique)

9. Target Company Letters

Types of Cover Letter Formats

1. Full Block: 49%

2. Block: 34%

3. Modified Block: 17%

With the Full Block cover letter, everything is left justified. It has a neat, crisp, and easy-to-read appearance. It also tends to look uniform, structured, formal, and businesslike.

With the Block and Modified Block cover letter, you have a similar appearance to the Full Block but not quite as formal and stiff. In my opinion, the Block and Modified Block formats give more the feeling of "person to business" as opposed to the "business to business" feel of the Full Block.

The Block (blocked paragraph with indented return address, date, and complimentary closing and signature lines) cover letter is more a "personal to business" format and not quite as causal as the Modified Block style.

Prior to writing your cover letters, do not forget:

1. Your cover letter should complement your introduction, not duplicate it. You should use different language in the two documents.

2. Your cover letter should show a personal side to you in addition to providing an overview of the facts contained in your business letter of introduction. Use the name of the person you're writing to toward the end of the letter to appear friendly and personal.

3. Perform a self-analysis to assess whether your corporate business background is relevant and to determine if you're really interested in working for this company with your product or service and within the geographical business location listed at this time.

4. Get as much information about the business department that needs your product or service. Ideally these details would include a product/service application description.

5. Compare your product/service qualifications to the department’s qualifications. Think about which of your products/service accomplishments best align with what the prospective client’s needs are looking for. Is this a realistic application of your product/service?

The key here is to engage, elaborate and elevate the corporate new business conversation to the next level, buying.

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