"It was a extremely well conceived, well organized program."

Suzanne Corr - BACC


What Our Clients Say

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She has a tremendous amount of integrity and is driven to achieve great result for her clients. 

Rick Steinbrenner

Marketing Executive


We were very impressed with the depth of your knowledge and research on what characteristics are common among successful leaders, and it’s clear that you are certainly in that realm.  Your passion for education and knowledge was apparent.

Suzanne Corr

Barrington Area Chamber Commerce


She is communicative and available , but always honest and up-front with clients. I have found her to conduct her practice with the utmost integrity. 

Dan Stuart

Franchise Owner

Advice Worth Gold

Her path for success is key and does work. Her seminars and consultative guidance is worth more than gold!

Ira Schulman

Business Owner


Eleanor is the epitome of professionalism and results. When she makes  a promise, she follows through. Her industry knowledge and expertise make her a valuable partner. 

Gail Baker

Gift Industry


I find her to be very astute, organized and devoted professional. Her strongest point, is her ability to work closely with people and develop a close rapport.

Frank Feraco

Isleworth Capital Partners

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