15 Reasons People Fail with Business (Part 4)

Here are more great tips on how to increase your success.


10. Lack of focus and concentration of effort

Concentrate all your efforts on one definite, chief aim. It is better to finish one of your goals on a daily basis than try to accomplish them all and not complete a single one. Focus on one at a time and follow it through to fruition.

11. Lack of enthusiasm

People like enthusiastic leaders who can effectively express their enthusiasm for the business, their products and services to their management teams and customers/clients. If you don't express excitement during your interactions with the people you are interacting with, you will not be perceived as an authentic leader.

12. Intolerance

You cannot have a closed mind in business. Being closed-minded shows that you are not open to new ideas, learning, or growing. Some people also might perceive this trait in you as a sign of inexibility. Corporate organizations do not promote inexible people.

13. Intentional dishonesty

There is no substitute for honesty. A force of circumstances over which one has no control could render a person temporarily dishonest, without permanent damage. Don't fall into such a trap.

Always put true information on all of your correspondences. If you lie in any of these, your untruthfulness is found out after you a period of time, it could be solid grounds for losing business.

14. Coming off as being egotistical or vain

Self-absorption is a real turnoff and a red ag during your interaction and while representing your business in the marketplace. Be careful of using your pride and ego as armor when you're feeling vulnerable. Always present yourself honestly and genuinely. You must always appear authentic. Individuals are inspired by people they like, know, and trust.

15. Guessing instead of thinking

"Shooting from the hip" and making guesses during any of your presentations will weaken your professional standing. It will quickly knock you out of the running for any competitive business. Remember to do your company, competitive, and point-of-sales research in advance of any type of one-on-one meeting. Be thoroughly prepared for every meeting.


They are simple but very sound and effective proven tips to ensure more solid success for your management team and your company!


I wish you a wonderfully successful and productive week ahead.

Eleanor Anne Sweet

Chief Results Officer


Division of The Remington Group, LLC

Email: sweet@turbochargedsales.com