How to Create 

Targeted New Business Cover Letters

Targeting your new business cover letters to each new corporate business opportunity is ideally the best and strongest method. Here is where the in-depth research on the corporate business’s challenges and/or the company's culture and past product/service purchasing needs really pays off. You can now use that information to tailor your new business letter to each new potential corporate buyer.

The amount of research and thought you put into your new business cover letters will make the difference between getting an appointment and having your paperwork ignored!

When you do your new business research, take the past bids and make a list of the product feature/benefits, or service skills and traits the purchasing manager is looking for. Then, examine your corporate business product brochure and look for a match with those same or similar, product feature/benefit, or service skills and experiences. Tell the corporate business reader how your business product or service characteristics and qualifications match their corporate business needs in either a paragraph or a bulleted list. I personally think bullets are faster and easier to read, but they can take up more space. Remember to keep your bullet points short. You need your new corporate business cover letter to fit on one page if at all possible.

The main business goal is to leave no doubt in the prospective corporate business buyer’s mind that you are the best qualified vendor for their solving their business need or problem. Feed them the information they need easily, clearly, and succinctly. Make it simple for them to see and read the information quickly. In other words, help make their job easy for them!

I suggest using italics, underlining, and bolding to help emphasize the most important points for the corporate business reader. Be careful not to overuse this idea. If you do, it will immediately diminish the technique and render your paperwork too distracting and "busy." (This same idea can be used sparingly on your corporate business product or service brochures.)

 Next week I will share with you the techniques no how to write great Thank You and follow up letters, following your face to face appointments.

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