Guidelines for Your Follow-Up Letters

Follow up immediately (within 24 to 48 hours) after your meeting to thank the person you've spoken with for their time. Tell them how much they helped you, and as a personal touch, refer to some specific information they shared with you that you found helpful.

A handwritten thank-you letter is better than an email. It will stand out as being more personalized. If your handwriting is really bad, type it, print it out, and sign it by hand.

Include a company brochure if you did not give the individual one during your meeting.

Also, remember to state exactly what value you can add to the organization in solving their problems with your company’s product or service. The information you uncovered through your research or via your meeting will come in handy here.

Follow up again in two to three weeks with some article or industry information you think will interest the person you met with. Stay in touch and keep the lines of commutation open. Also, keep the contact posted on your new business development progress.

Secret Weapon—Broadcast Letter

Now I would like to switch gears to talk about the broadcast letter. This is a new business development search technique I'm a keen believer in. In fact, I personally have had great success with this technique.

The broadcast letter is particularly effective for:

  1. People who have had multiple industry experience and have just recently started selling their current products industry.

 2.  People who are 45+ years old, and people may judge you to be too out of touch with their industry or technology.

 3.  This is where you are trying to show them you have experience in accomplishing results for their clients. You achieve results.

A broadcast letter is a hybrid between a cover letter and a brochure. Unlike a company brochure, however, which is more about a call of action, a broadcast letter is more about branding.

In situations like those mentioned above, instead of sending a brochure, you send your broadcast letter. The good thing about broadcast letters is that they can generate leads for you. That's because all companies have problems that need to be solved. It's all a matter of chance as to whether it's the right time for your product or service, with your type of background.

Address your broadcast letter to the president of the company you're targeting. By sending it to the top brass, your letter gets passed down to someone else and is less likely to be thrown away. That's because it's being routed from the president's office and there- fore automatically deemed as important. Your letter will be more visible for two reasons: 1) it originated in the president's office and 2) you mailed a hard copy through the good old-fashioned mail.

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Eleanor Anne Sweet

Turbocharged Sales Consultant


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