Here is another great TURBOCHARGED blog post on New Business Development Action Plan and Tools:

In addition, don't forget to use In particular, take advantage of their "Advance Search" tool.

Company Internet Research

During the process of your new business search, you will need to gather more information on companies that:

  1. You are interested in working with
  2. You have submitted proposals for
  3. You are going to present your product/service to
  4. Are competitors of the firms you are presenting to so you can better understand the their product category and industry

I suggest the following websites to help you with your research:

  1. (2.4 million companies worldwide listed)
  2. (job website with company info)

The True Art of Uncovering People Using the Internet

Finding People You Know

In the course of your employment search, you will want to find people you have known over the years to network with. Over time, you may have lost touch with some of these individuals. In that case, it may require a bit of digging to locate them.

And yet, the effort is well worth it. That's because networking is one of the most effective ways to land your next new piece of business.

The following websites should prove helpful in assisting you in finding your lost contacts:

  1. (particularly versatile in terms of the different ways you can approach your search)

Finding People You Do Not Yet Know

If you're trying to find the name of an individual in a particular company whom you do not yet know, here are some suggestions on how to locate them:

  1. Visit chat rooms.
  2. Scout out forums and message boards.
  3. Join newsgroups.
  4. Hang out at networking websites, especially Social Media ones.
  5. Leverage mailing lists.

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