Part 4:   How to Find New Business

6 Tools to help you find New Business

  3. Trade Journals—There are specialized trade journals for most industries. Information Week, HomeWorldBusiness, HFN, Hardware Retailing Magazine, Home Channel News, and Real Estate Professional are several examples. If they do not have the trade journal you are interested in at the library, search for it online.

In addition, look up industry trade journals, for example, 

  • 4. Local business journals and publications—One of the main national ones to check out is


  • 5. Major newspapers are another sources that most people forget about in today's world. Don't forget that news- papers and magazines often have special issues that can provide a wealth of information. Within their pages, you can "mine" out great information. Examples would be "Top 100 Retailers," "Fastest Growing Companies in Houston," etc.


  1. Market Resource Firms through your library will be another best bet.






  1. "Phone books"—Yellow Pages

 (merged with Big Book)


  1. Internet Libraries

 Internet Public Library—

 The Digital Librarian— 

Find 2-3 of these tools that you think work the best for you for starters relative to the type of background information you are looking for on your new potential customers.

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Have a great week and productive week, managing the changes and challenges that are currently going on in your company.

I wish you a wonderfully successful and productive week ahead.

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