6 Steps to a Strong Verbal Message (Three to Four Minutes)

 The verbal message is slightly different from the professional company information. First, it tends to be longer. Moreover, its primary basis is to serve as a shortened verbal version that highlights the key benefits of your product found on your product literature and or website.

Your Business Message on Your Literature and Website

Following is a suggested format for your verbal message:

  1. Devise a one- to two-sentence summary that is shows the best benefit of your product or service for the prospective customer. Then wait and listen. Do not run on with more benefits until you listen and get feedback from the customer.
  2. Tell the listener where you were born and raised in one sentence. This strategy will make you become more of a person in their eyes. It also could lead to some natural dialogue, which will then have them interacting and connecting with you on a personal basis. Now you are starting to build a rapport and relationship with them.
  3. Briefly (seven seconds) share with the listener your professional category experience. If you possess additional credentials or have completed classes that would be relevant to the product experience, and then mention them.
  4. Discuss your recent customer/client experience, via written testimonials. At this point, the bulk of your conversation should be relative to the most recent customer applications of the product. Spend the majority of this time discussing you’re the product success stories in the last 2 years. Don't waste time on anything further back at this time; unless the industry or category is applicable to the potential customer you are talking to.
  5. Share your current customers that they can all for references relative to their success with the product or service you are offering. If you're looking to expand into their industry or category that your organization may not in the past have had a strong market presence in, elaborate on the reason(s) why you feel you have the market strength to expand into that marketplace.
  6. Tell the listener why you're attracted to their organization and the prospect of doing business with them. Ask them if there are any areas of your company or product background they would like additional information about.

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