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With "The Turbocharged Sales Call List" method, I am assuming you are currently a business owner working for a small or medium business and have the time to devote this level of time commitment to your new business development goals. I would not necessarily recommend this method to an employed person, that is only able to commit a small amount of time to developing new business leads and clients for their organization. (while networking with friends.)

Visual and Recap Your Day

At the end of the day, it's more important to finish some of your "A" calls than it is to complete all your calls at the price of not accomplishing any progress in your new customer process. Focus on completing one task. Then you can try to play a numbers game. Quality leads and follow-up here are key. In this particular instance, focus first on your "A"s before you move to your "B" and "C" lists.
At the end of each day, make a list of:
1. 5 things you accomplished today
2. 5 things you are grateful for
Once you have completed this list, find yourself a quiet, alone area 45 minutes before you go to bed at night to read it over. This will re-enforce positive energy from the day and will usher in the next day on a positive tone.
If you have the extra time and inclination, you can take your list a few steps further.
1. List five things you accomplished.
2. Come up with five things you're grateful for.
3. Review your goals.
4. Visualize the achievement of your job offer.
5. Define the five things you want to accomplish tomorrow.

Gratitude For Your Day

Scientific research has shown that whatever you focus on in the last 45 minutes of the day has a large impact on both your sleep and your next day. The subconscious mind will process this late-night input up to six times more often than anything else you have experienced during the day.
When you drift off to sleep, you enter into what scientists call the alpha brain wave state of consciousness. At this time, your brain and subconscious memory are very suggestible.
That is why reading to children before they go to bed is so important. It helps them to wind down and fall asleep. In addition, most good children's books have lessons, messages, or morals that become a part of the child's conscience and sub-conscience while they're falling asleep.
Think about all the late-night cramming you did in school. I guess this tendency explains why it worked, at least for me.
Next week’s blog will cover Time Management: Daily Success Plan (Part 5).

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Eleanor Anne Sweet
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Eleanor Anne Sweet
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Eleanor Anne Sweet
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