15 Reasons People Fail with Business (Part 3)

Welcome back to my series on roadblocks to your success.

They all appear like common sense and they are, but we just forget some of the great basics form time to time.

6. Lack of a well-defined power of decision

Those who succeed often reach decisions quickly but can adapt on a dime. The person who cannot make a timely decision and then changes their mind frequently will quickly tend to experience weaker business results.

7. Being overwhelmed with fear

When you find yourself overwhelmed with fear, you will feel like you are being forced to fight an uphill battle. To steer clear of this disadvantage, you must manage the fear in your heart. The successful job seeker will look fear straight in the eye and laugh in its face.

Every time you feel fear coming on, just go through a list of the 5 things you are grateful for in your life. As you feel the gratitude and joy over your blessings, the fear will be driven away.  

While you're at it, thank the higher authority in your life for the abundance you've been given. Remind yourself that you are working to recreate job satisfaction in your life.

8. Being overly cautious

The business person who will not take any chances generally has to accept whatever is left behind by others. Life itself is filled with an element of chance. You will need to push outside of your comfort zone to beat the competition and create an advantage for yourself in your business.

9.   Carrying superstition and prejudice

Superstition is a form of fear and ignorance. Job seekers who are successful with their job search process keep an open mind and are not afraid of anything. They do not discount a job lead or suggestion until they have thoroughly researched and verified the credibility of the idea. At that point, they then have an action plan to either pursue the job lead or not, based on valid information.

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