15 Reasons People Fail with Business (Part 1)

“I am not discouraged, because every wrong

Attempt discarded is another step forward.”


TO ACHIEVE ANYTHING IN LIFE, one must start with the basics, and finding a new business is no exception. So, let's start this whole new phase of your business by talking about some of the primary elements of a good strong business campaign. During the new business process, there is so much that is out of your control. I want to share with you some areas that you can control right off the bat. I know I'm breaking protocol here by giving you the bad news first, but I feel it's important that we first look at the most common causes of business failure. Don't let that word scare you, though. We're going to concentrate on the areas where you're in complete control of that failure. Once we've put you in the driver's seat, we'll review the areas in which you will personally be able to have more positive impact on your business and, in turn, effect a positive outcome!

Working on the Inner Game—

15 Reasons People Fail with Business

It's time to take a close, candid look at you and what you've been accomplishing, or perhaps more importantly not been accomplishing, with your business . . . for whatever reason.

Let's start by examining the most common causes of failure when conducting a new business campaign. Notice that you have complete control over changing all of these areas:

1. Lack of a clear and well-defined vision of the type of new business you're seeking

In order to succeed in improving your business, you need to have a clear idea in mind of the type of idea customer/client you want to land. Possessing this type of clarity, of course, assumes that you have a realistic understanding of your professional expertise up to this point. It also assumes that you know what type of new business customer/clients you should realistically be considering and pursuing.

Now is the time to do a professional inventory review of yourself, your product/service offering, and your organization. Ask yourself, "What are the three most important traits or characteristics I'm looking for in my next ideal, yet realistic, new business?"

Write on an index card or piece of paper what these three traits or characteristics are that you're looking for. If you are able to rank them, that is even better. You will need to refer to this information throughout your new business process to make sure the customers/clients you are pursuing for a match your "wish" list. It will also make sense to consider revising this list as your new business process progresses.

As you do so, remind yourself of what you liked the most and least in your last favorite new customers/clients. This will lead you to avoid areas that did not work out for you with your previous new customers/clients situations.

2. Lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity

There is no hope for the business executive who is indifferent and unmotivated in their new business process. There is only hope for those who are willing to pay the price of being truly committed to their new business growth, by refusing to give up trying. You must be truly committed and motivated to succeed with your new business system!

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