Module 5: Impact Your Destiny Blueprint

Here is where we tie it all together.  You need to understand your Ideal Customer Profile, value/outcome your product and service provides. Use the databases to create your target prospect lists. Reach out, share your mini success story, leave voice mail and email. Then rinse and repeat.

Estimated time to complete

1 hour 

Difficulty Level

Intermediate to advanced

Lesson 1 (Module 5)

Lesson 1 (Module 5)

Tied Up in a Bow - Pulling Everything Together.

Lesson 2 (Module 5)

Lesson 2 (Module 5)

Custom Designed Systems to Follow to Success.

Lesson 3 (Module 5)

Lesson 3 (Module 5)

Voice Mail, Email, and Referral Templates to TURBOCHARGE Your Sales.

Module Objectives

TURBOCHARGED Sales Blueprint.
6 Steps to Success to Follow
5 Steps to Telemarketing
4 Qualifications of a true customer
Voice Mail recipe and samples

Professor Sweet

Your Course Instructor

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