Module 3: Client Retention

Understand the value of losing a customer. How to find more business with existing customers. Art of asking for a referral. Multiple ways to increase your individual business with a customer.

Estimated time to complete

1 hour 

Difficulty Level

Intermediate to advanced

Lesson 1 (Module 3)

Lesson 1 (Module 3)

Understanding the True Value of Losing a Customer.

Lesson 2 (Module 3)

Lesson 2 (Module 3)

Knowing the Time and How to Ask for a Referral.

Lesson 3 (Module 3)

Lesson 3 (Module 3)

Discover How to Easily Expand Your Business. (Line Penetration)

Module Objectives

Understand lost revenue for losing a customer
Art of a referral
How to increase your business with one customer

Professor Sweet

Your Course Instructor

Recently, Adjunct Professor, Loyola University - Chicago - Quinlan School of Business, 20 years+ Business Consultant, Trainer, and Coach.

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