Module 1: Essential Marketing Elements

Lay the basic foundations of marketing first. Create a strong consistent brand image, message and personality. Use marketing campaign tools.

Estimated time to complete

1 hour 

Difficulty Level

Intermediate to advanced

Lesson 1 (Module 1)

Lesson 1 (Module 1)

Basics of strong marketing specifically designed for the small business owner.

Lesson 2 (Module 1)

Lesson 2 (Module 1)

Brand Management: Image, Message, Promise and Personality

Lesson 3 (Module 1)

Lesson 3 (Module 1)

Marketing Campaign: Email, Publicity, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Events, Social Media.

Module Objectives

Marketing 101
Brand Management: Image, Publicity, Personality
Marketing Campaign Tools 

Professor Sweet

Your Course Instructor

Recently, Adjunct Professor, Loyola University - Chicago - Quinlan School of Business, 20 years+ Business Consultant, Trainer, and Coach.

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